New 'Captain Marvel' Trailer Released

The Super Bowl isn't airing for another month, but the second biggest football game of the year [...]

The Super Bowl isn't airing for another month, but the second biggest football game of the year took place on Monday night. Of course, we're talking about the College Football National Championship on ESPN and, as Disney promised, the airing of the game came with a brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios' next blockbuster, Captain Marvel.

You can watch the new Captain Marvel trailer in the video above!

Promotion for Captain Marvel has been steadily accelerating over the last month or so, and will continue to do so as its March 8th release date approaches. There is a certain level of hype surrounding the movie solely because it's produced by Marvel Studios, but people are mostly excited for the debut of the MCU's first solo female hero.

Carol Danvers, played by Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, will make her first big screen appearance in Captain Marvel, though her debut was alluded to at the end of 2017's Avengers: Infinity War in the form of Nick Fury's pager.

Last year, Brie Larson opened up about her new character, saying that she had enough power to move planets on her own.

"It is but that stuff is my favorite part because that's where you find the character you know," Larson said when asked about the difficulty of training at the Crystal + Lucy Awards back in June. "For me, it's all about how far can I take myself to kind of reprogram my brain and reprogram my body to learn something new about myself, and so this has been an amazing challenge. She's so, so strong. She can move planets so to me it was like how far can I go with this strength."

Larson has also been vocal about how Carol Danvers is portrayed in the film, saying that her role should show people that anyone can be a hero.

"I don't know how it's any different. To be honest, I don't want it to feel different," Larson during a set visit. "I'm kind of over the, 'First female blah blah blah,' and 'Wow, maybe women can actually do the same things that dudes can do – what a crazy concept!' I feel like the more we talk about it, the more we perpetuate the myth that it's an impossible task. No, if it wasn't like that before, it's because it was wrong. That was just wrong. Now we're just doing what's natural."

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Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8th.