Captain Marvel: What Happens to Yon-Rogg?

While Captain Marvel tells the story of how Carol Danvers becomes one of the most powerful heroes [...]

While Captain Marvel tells the story of how Carol Danvers becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film also introduces several other characters setting up for further cosmic adventures -- including Yon-Rogg.

Warning: Major spoilers for Captain Marvel below.

Early in Captain Marvel, fans are introduced to Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) though he's presented as being Carol's Kree mentor as he teaches and trains her, attempting to help her become her best self so that she can best serve. However, as the film continues it's revealed that Yon-Rogg is far from the supportive if not a bit tough-love mentor he presented himself to be. Yon-Rogg is revealed to be the enemy of sorts, having sought out Mar-Vell's Lightspeed Engine energy source so that the Kree can use it to further dominate the universe -- a stark difference from the idea that the Kree were trying to protect the universe from Skrulls.

Carol also comes to realize that it was Yon-Rogg who stole her from the site the plane she was flying with Mar-Vell crashed after Carol had been infused with the energy from the Lightspeed Engine. With this information, Carol decides to fight against the Kree, choosing to help the Skrull refugees escape to find a home world, hoping to get them away before Yon-Rogg and Starforce show up.

Of course, a Marvel movie wouldn't be a Marvel movie without a big fight scene so Yon-Rogg and Starforce do show up, leading to an epic fight on Mar-Vell's ship. When that fight turns toward Earth -- Carol duped Yon-Rogg into thinking she had the Tesseract while it was really headed to Earth thanks to Goose the Flerken -- Carol gets a chance to face off with her former mentor in the first fair fight she's likely ever had with him.

And Carol Danvers kicks his butt. Soundly defeated by Carol, a battered Yon-Rogg is put in a ship with its coordinates set for the Kree capital, Hala, and she has a message for the Supreme Intelligence and the rest of the Kree: she's coming for them and she's going to put a stop to their war and take them down in the process. Despite his please that she "can't" do this, Carol does it anyway, reinforcing that she is no longer his nor anyone else's pawn.

While this leaves Yon-Rogg alive and (sort of) well, things probably aren't going to go especially well for him when he gets back to Hala. First, he failed in his mission to collect the energy source and beyond that, Carol now knows who she is and is no longer on their side. She's actively helping the Skrulls complete with her powers no longer dampened. That's not likely to go over well with the Supreme Intelligence. However, even if his punishment is extreme, Yon-Rogg being alive at the end of Captain Marvel does open the door for him to appear in future films -- including a proper Kree-Skrull war.

Captain Marvel is now playing in theaters.


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