One Woman's Loki Cosplay Saved Her Life at Dragon Con 2017

A woman's Loki cosplay may have saved her life after she was struck by a chair thrown from a [...]

A woman's Loki cosplay may have saved her life after she was struck by a chair thrown from a tenth-floor balcony at Dragon Con this weekend.

Reports of chairs being thrown down to where convention attendees were gathered first surfaced on Reddit this weekend with commenters identifying that at least two guests had been injured. One of the injured, Kelly McDaniel took to Facebook to share a graphic photo of her injury as well as a plea for any information about the incident.

"If anyone has any information about the inconsiderate jerk(s) that threw 3 chairs from the Marriott balcony and split my head open, please send it to Cristóbal Esteban Poth or me. I was just discharged and we are headed home to recover from a horrifying experience. I have lost all faith in humanity, but I'm counting my blessings that I wasn't hurt any worse. I could've died because of some drunk idiot," McDaniel wrote.

McDaniel later told Atlanta's WSB-TV that she had been walking in the first-floor area when she heard loud, gunfire-like pops then felt blood on her face. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she received two staples for her injuries. MacDonald was dressed Loki from the Thor and Avengers movies at the time of the incident and credits her helmet for lessening the blow of the chair and saving her life.

"I really think that saved my life," she said.

The second victim has not been identified. Dragon Con issued a statement acknowledging the incident and indicated that the Atlanta Police Department is investigating.

As for what she thinks should happen should suspects in the incident be identified, McDaniel would like to see criminal charges brought against them.

"I think they need to be punished by the law for assault with a deadly weapon. I could have been really hurt," she said.

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