'Captain America' Chris Evans Congratulates 'Captain Marvel' Brie Larson On Huge Box Office Opening

Chris Evans was just as happy as the rest of the MCU fandom when the initial Captain Marvel box [...]

Chris Evans was just as happy as the rest of the MCU fandom when the initial Captain Marvel box office returns filed in.

The Captain America star took to Twitter earlier today to congratulate Avengers: Endgame costar Brie Larson on a massive opening weekend at the box office.

After making nearly $61.5m on Friday, Captain Marvel is now tracking for a whopping $160m opening weekend. In contrast, Captain America: The First Avenger made $65m its opening weekend while Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought in $95m.

Captain America: Civil War, on the other hand, earned a solid $179m its opening weekend, although that was far from a solo film.

$160m would place Captain Marvel seventh on the list of highest-earning Marvel Studios films. It'd be the second debut solo film behind the Oscar-winning Black Panther, which earned an astonishing $202m in its first few days.

While fan-favorites like the two Guardians of the Galaxy films star Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel stars Goose the Cat — a character many fans thought stole the show. Even though Goose is an instant star and will likely be back, that didn't stop Larson from having allergic reactions on set all day.

"All day," Larson said. "It became this joke because the crew would watch me all day doing crazy stunts. I did that ropes course stunt 50 feet up in the air on the first week. I threw [a stunt person] in a judo throw on a moving train, day two. But then the cat showed up on set and I was like, 'We need to have a plan! We need to have a conversation!' I see cat hair flying, [and] I've got maybe 10 minutes before I break out in hives."

Captain Marvel is now in theaters. Other Marvel Cinematic Universe films on the horizon include Avengers: Endgame on April 26th and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.

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