Chris Pratt Says Paul Rudd “Sucks” in New Video for the Russo Brothers’ Fantasy Football League

Football season is right at the midway point and things are tightening up in a number of [...]

Football season is right at the midway point and things are tightening up in a number of divisional races. Over in the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League, there is a wild matchup brewing between Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd. The Star-Lord actor decided to get a little spicy on social media and take some well-placed shots at Rudd. He told the Ant-Man star that he sucked and made some really crafty jokes about his height in there as well. It will be a big game between Pratt's 5-6 team and the slightly better of 6-4 record of Rudd's squad. Things have been strange in this league all season. Chris Hemsworth is absolutely crushing it at 10-1 and everyone else is just trying to catch up. Hopefully, this week's action can bring about a challenger apart from Miles Teller. But, here's what Pratt had to say about his close friend on Twitter.

"I'm in Iceland filming a movie right now, but I'm still keeping up with my fantasy team." Pratt begins. "I think I'm 5-6, but I've met Paul Rudd and I think he is also 5''6'…Hey-yo. Uhh, I think he's taller than that but.."

One of the other performers in route with Pratt points out that he's played Rudd's father in another project and that the actor was actually five feet and five inches tall. (Wow, never would have guessed.)

"Is that true? Is he really 5''5'? Well, see it's true, even J.K. thinks Paul Rudd sucks! No, but it's hard to bash on a guy who everyone thinks is the nicest guy in the world. So, good luck Paul, trying to smack talk me. (laughter.) You're not making the playoffs, I am. And, it's for charity, which is cool. My charity, The Brain Treatment Foundation is going to get a big donation from this. and it's going to come from me whooping you a**! Okay, see you buddy!"

So, clearly the two Marvel actors enjoy each other, but they have no problem trading wicked barbs. This has been the case across the board as normally playful members of the collected Avengers: Endgame cast have distributed some sick burns over the course of the season. Ryan Reynolds, Karen Gillan, and Anthony Mackie have been standouts when it comes to elite-level trash talking. Unfortunately for them, only Reynolds is anywhere near the top of the standings at 7-3. Rudd and Pratt are near the top half, but this will be a big game for playoff seeding.

How tall do you think Paul Rudd really is? Is he really the nicest Avenger? Let us know in the comments!

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