'Deadpool 2' Star Ryan Reynolds Responds to Warner Bros.' 'Green Lantern' Request

Warner Bros. may have asked Ryan Reynolds for his Green Lantern ring back, but the Deadpool 2 star [...]

Warner Bros. may have asked Ryan Reynolds for his Green Lantern ring back, but the Deadpool 2 star thinks it's a little too late for that.

While Reynolds has found critical and commercial success with Marvel's Deadpool and its sequel, before he was the Merc with a Mouth, 2011's Green Lantern was poorly received across the board. Even Reynolds hasn't had a lot of positive to say about the film -- he's never seen the final cut -- and Deadpool 2 contained a few jokes at the DC movie's expense.

So, when Warner Bros. decided to ask for that green power ring back? Reynolds was quick to respond with a zinger of his own.

"If we'd used a NuvaRing in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess," Reynolds wrote on Twitter.

For those wondering what that has to do with anything, NuvaRing is a vaginal contraceptive device, one that was in wide use around the time of Green Lantern's production. Since then the company behind the contraceptive has been accused of malpractice, specifically hiding negative side effects of the product and are settling some expensive civil lawsuits. However, Reynold's tweet appears to be suggesting that had he and Warner Bros. approached things differently Green Lantern never would have been made, thus sparing audiences the film and himself the experience.

That might seem harsh, but when we say that Green Lantern was poorly received, we aren't kidding. The film has a 26-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer with a 45-percent audience score. Green Lantern also had a rough time at the box office with the film's global box office take barely making back the $200 million it cost to make. In fact, Deadpool 2's global opening weekend box office has more than overtaken Green Lantern's total domestic box office haul.

Of course, these tweets are just the latest Green Lantern-related back and forth for Reynolds. When the animated Teen Titans GO! To The Movies took shots at first Green Lantern and then Deadpool, Reynolds left a humorous comment to the movie's official YouTube trailer.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now. Green Lantern is available on DVD, Blue-ray, and digital. A new Green Lantern film, Green Lantern Corps, is set for 2020.