Deadpool 3: Zazie Beetz and Invincible Co-Star Jason Mantzoukas Geek Out Over Domino

The cast of Invincible has some incredible combined resumés, especially in the geek community. [...]

The cast of Invincible has some incredible combined resumés, especially in the geek community. Between them, you have stars of The Walking Dead, the original Spider-Man trilogy, the new Spider-Man trilogy, Deadpool 2, LEGO Batman, Avengers: Engame, Teen Titans, and the list goes on. As it turns out, a lot of these cast members enjoy each other's work as much as the fans do. While talking to Community alum Gillian Jacobs, Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz, and LEGO Batman's Scarecrow voice Jason Mantzoukas, got a status update from Beetz in regards to Deadpool 3 but also heard about how her co-stars adore her role as Domino.

"I haven't heard anything," Beetz says. "Unfortunately my fingers are crossed. I would love to revive her. And you know, she's great fun for me. And you know, I frankly like actress find out blast about this kind of stuff. So I don't know, maybe I'll get a call the day before we're shooting or maybe not. But I would love to I mean, I would love to play Domino again, and I don't know, maybe."

This is where Mantzoukas joined the conversation. "That was one of my favorite versions where I felt like the film representation of Domino's luck power actually is better at showing it than it is in the comics," Mantzoukas says. "Like It's such a good way to show what that power set is visually, rather than, you know, on two dimensionally on the page. So I love that!"

To Mantzoukas' point, Beetz recalls the emphasis the Deadpool 2 team put on properly showing off her character's powers. "The the stunt team was really big about that because they were kind of like trying to do like a Charlie Chaplin like, 'It just sort of works out,'" she recalls/

"It's so good," Mantzoukas concluded. You can see the full Invincible interview in the video above!

Invincible, a new animated series which is likely something Deadpool fans will find interesting given its R-rating, humor, and action-packed sequences, hits Amazon on March 26.