Deadpool Vs. Deadpool Video

One can never have too many Deadpools.At least, that’s what the Sean Ward YouTube series [...]

One can never have too many Deadpools.

At least, that's what the Sean Ward YouTube series thinks. In honor of Merc With A Mouth's upcoming film, Deadpool decided to head back to the lab and clone multiple copies of himself. Creating over half a dozen of his various incarnation, including Lady Deadpool and Uncanny X-Force Deadpool, the original creation soon realizes that everyone else wants their own Deadpool movie too. The only way to solve this dispute? Why, with a shootout, of course.

The Deadpools proceed to blow each other's brains out for a few solid minutes, before realizng that their resources would be far better spent hunting chimichangas. The Deadpools then embark on a red-and-black rompus through the city looking for the beloved Tex-Mex dish. Unfortunately, the coffee shops and Subways that they visited did not carry them. Shame. But the lack of fried burritos didn't slow down the live-action Deadpool Corp. They actually only seemed to liven up. Their next stops included a comic book shops where they—surprise!—picked out all the Deadpool graphic novels and merchandise.

You can check out the full wisecracking video below.

Well, we always knew that Deadpool liked to break the fourth wall.