Disney CEO Says R-Rated Marvel Movies Being Considered

sNow that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, the entertainment industry is abuzz with the new possibilities that come with the deal. However, this landmark deal also bring some important new questions, one of the biggest being: How will the Disney/Marvel brand affect the bold and edgier X-Men Universe Fox has been building?

During an investor's meeting with Disney executives, CEO Bob Iger personally cited the success of Fox's R-Rated X-Men spinoff Deadpool as an "opportunity" to create an R-Rated branch of the Marvel movie brand:

Disney R-Rated Marvel Movies Bob Iger

Fans of the Marvel movie franchises are especially about this Fox/Disney deal, as it will finally bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thereby giving Marvel Studios complete control over a full roster Marvel Comics characters and properties. However, a lot of those same fans are worried that the MCU brand will become to monotone, and that by consolidating everything under one studio, we'll lose out on the opportunity to see unique creative visions like Deadpool, Logan or the X-Men TV series Legion.

And yet, after seeing both the critical and financial success of films like Logan and Deadpool, as well as the continued call from fans for other Marvel characters to get the R-rated treatment, Disney would be missing out by not at least considering some brand expansion. As Iger indicates, it's really a matter of branding; Disney is notoriously strict about its kind brand impression, so there would definitely need to be a clear separation between Marvel movies meant for the whole family, and those meant for the adults only.


...Maybe it's time to dust off that "Marvel Max" logo?