Doctor Strange 2 Composer Reveals WandaVision Inspiration For Scarlet Witch's New Theme

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' composer came clean on Wanda's new theme and the WandaVision inspiration for those moments in the film. Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch is a huge presence in the latest MCU movie. She's on a mission and that means it's time for some music to signal her entrance. Danny Elfman sat down with's Adam Barnhardt to speak about the musical shift from the world of WestView to the multiverse sprint of this film. Clearly, the decision-makers at Marvel wanted to remind people of the wildly-popular DIsney+ series. This isn't hard to understand. WandaVision completely captured audiences and lured in some viewers who might have been skeptical of the MCU overall. However, you can't just slap the exact same audio in there, so Elfman had to go about adapting the Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez song into something with a bit more edge.

"There was a moment with Wanda, even though Wanda had a new theme that I'd created for her, they say, 'Let's pay homage to WandaVision here.' And I used the Lopez theme there," Elfman revealed. "And all this stuff, I think it's a really good idea that they're doing this. It's fun. And I think the fans really like it."

There was another musical touch that the composer couldn't exactly shed light on though. When one of the Illuminati members rolled into the chamber, audiences everywhere probably cheered. A musical cue at that moment is something that Marvel isn't quite ready to talk about just yet.

"I know. I'm not supposed to talk about that one. That's the one thing that I've been asked to... Because they're still trying to keep that as a little bit of a surprise other than to say, I really like the fact that Marvel likes doing these musical Easter eggs," he said. "Fans love this kind of stuff. I thought it was quite funny and ironic that at the same time I was scoring Doctor Strange, I was finding moments to put Michael Giacchino's original theme in. And Michael was doing Spider-Man and he was finding some moments for my original Spider-Man theme in his score and that we were doing this at the same time."

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