Doctor Strange Is a Veterinarian Now

In a strange turn of events, the once powerful Sorcerer Supreme has become a doctor once again, but he's taken to treating a much different kind of patient.

Doctor Strange #381, the first issue of its Marvel Legacy run, revealed that Stephen Strange had finally regained his surgical precision after damaging his hands all those years ago. However, instead of regaining his status as a world renowned surgeon, Strange has become a veterinarian, spending his time operating on pets and other animals.

This reveal didn't come until the very end of the issue, after most of Donny Cates' Doctor Strange debut followed the new Sorcerer Supreme, Loki. Stephen had previously passed the mantle on to Loki after deciding to step down. Unfortunately, Loki is struggling to do the job as well as Stephen.

At the end of the issue, Scarlet Witch was fed up with Loki's attempt to take over as the Sorcerer, so she went to find Stephen and convince him to come back. As the doctor declined the offer, readers had the chance to see his new patients, and learn that Stephen had also gained the ability to communicate with animals.

Who knows how long Stephen's new gig will last, seeing as how Loki could be getting the entire realm into some serious trouble.


The story continues with Doctor Strange #382 which hits shelves on December 6, 2017.