Eternals Stars Hint at Having Shot Extended Version of Mid-Credits Scene

Ever since the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have grown accustomed to sticking around through a film's credits to get a tease of what could be coming next in the franchise, with the brief scenes often only giving audiences the bare minimum of information to both excite and perplex them. This is surely the case with Eternals, as both its mid-credits and post-credits scenes featured nods to lesser-known comic figures, but the stars of the film recently hinted that the mid-credits scene could have potentially been a bit longer and brought with it more concrete details about the status of the superhero team going forward.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Eternals

In the film's mid-credits scenes, Thena, Druig, and Makkari are on their ship the Domo when Pip the Troll arrives to introduce Eros, Thanos' brother. Harry Styles plays Eros, whose casting was kept a secret and whose future with the MCU remains unknown. The sequence includes the tease that Eros could be an Eternal, though Makkari actor Lauren Ridloff noted that there was a scene in which the Eternals attempted to contact the Celestial Arishaem. 

Ridloff, who has been deaf since birth, used a translator to communicate on set.

"[Director] Chloé [Zhao] would say, 'Cut,' and every time she yelled, 'Cut,' the interpreter would have to run around and tap me on the shoulder," Ridloff recalled to Entertainment Weekly. "So after a couple times, Harry was just like, 'Is it okay if I just tap you and cue you when we stop shooting? I was like, 'Yeah, thank you!' That's just who Harry is: He just watches out, and he thinks: 'What can I do?'"

In the finished film, the sequence sees all the characters in close proximity to one another, with it being possible that the scene Ridloff described having only added another few seconds to what actually made it into the final cut. It's also possible, however, that the alternate mid-credits scene extended even longer and included more concrete details about where this could lead the Eternals going forward

Despite there being no word yet on whether Eternals would be getting a sequel, a title card at the end of the film did confirm that they would return, leaving audiences to speculate whether these characters will all appear together in an upcoming MCU film as a team or if the characters could appear solo in another corner of the MCU.

Eternals is in theaters now.

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