Eternals Writers Confirm Post-Credits Scene Almost Included Anthony Mackie's Captain America

Marvel's Eternals has turned out to have more surprises in store than most Mavel fans ever figured. In addition to introducing the entire Eternals team and their lore, the movie setup the introduction of no less than four new major Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. However, the more we hear from Eternals' cast and crew, the more we're learning about some other big things that almost happened in the film - or did happen and were later cut. The latest big revelation from Eternals screenwriters Ryan and Kaz Firpo is that the now-infamous post-credits scene featuring a major MCU character cameo was almost going to feature Anthony Mackie's Captain America! 

(Warning: Eternals SPOILERS Follow!) 

In the post-credits scene for Eternals, Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) is mulling over whether or not he can take up the mystical Ebony Blade of his ancestors, in order to fight the Celestials and save his love, Sersei. As Dane is weighing the dreaded curse of the Ebony Blade against his will to save Sersei, the voice of an unseen character speaks up to ask if he's truly ready to wield the blade. 

Eternals director Chloe Zhao has since confirmed it is Mahershala Ali's Blade who is speaking to Whitman - but according to the Firpos, it was, at one point, going to be Anthony Mackie's Captain America: "I think that once upon a time it may even been Sam [Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie], our new Cap," Kaz Firpo reveals to The Wrap.

Anthony Mackie's Falcon made the transition into being the MCU's new Captain America during the Marvel Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, earlier this year. Now Mackie is set to headline Captain America 4.


That isn't so much a reveal as it is further confirmation of just how fun (and trivial?) these MCU post-credits scenes can be. Clearly Marvel Studios meant for the scene with Whiteman and the Ebony Blade to be a bridge to something else that's coming in Marvel Phase 4 - but it seems like that bridge could led to some interchangable destinations. 

This further begs the question of just what the Eternals post-credits scene is setting up for Kit Harington's Dane Whitman. The character eventually becomes the Marvel hero Black Knight - but was this post-credits button scene a setup for Dane to actually appear in the movie he's helping to tease? If so, we're much happier to have Black Knight (and his bloodthirsty Ebony Blade) in a Blade movie, rather than Captain America 4. 

Eternals is now in theaters.