Excalibur Writer Reveals Why Apocalypse Joins the X-Men

The X-Men franchise has been reinvigorated for a brand new era at Marvel Comics after the events [...]

The X-Men franchise has been reinvigorated for a brand new era at Marvel Comics after the events of House of X, taking the mutants out of hiding in a world that hates and fears them and instead giving them their own sovereign nation and a clear path to inherit the Earth. But there are questions about the future of the series as the heroes now live hand-in-hand with the villains they used to fight, including characters such as Mystique, Mr. Sinister, and Proteus. But the biggest question mark on the island of Krakoa has to do with Apocalypse, the ancient mutant who has long attempted to galvanize forces in order to take down humanity through violence.

But now he'll be a member of the team Excalibur, lead by Betsy Braddock in her new role as Captain Britain. But what is Apocalypse's role in the new series?

Writer Tini Howard spoke with Entertainment Weekly about this different version of Apocalypse, explaining why he's working with the X-Men in this new era.

"He's always been concerned with the ascension of mutants and it's not that he feels as though his work is done now. It's quite the contrary; it's that his work must change," Howard explained. "He was a general when he had to be a general, and now that the fight has changed, his tactics have changed. We're gonna see an Apocalypse who's a scholar and is someone who is able to work for the greatness of mutantkind as a thinker, as an artist, as a priest. We'll see him in these roles we've never seen him in before."

She added, "I'm very, very proud of what we're doing and where we're going with Apocalypse. I'm working very closely with Jonathan on what we think and feel about him and what his journey is. It's really interesting to give a character like that a journey. Whether it's a hero's journey or whether he's Walter White will be something we'll see as it goes on. But he's fighting for his home too."

This partially explains why Apocalypse has abandoned his bulky armor and is instead looking like an Egyptian priest, as he will now embrace his new role and forge a path toward a prosperous future with the mutants. But how will the other mutants on the island react to his presence?

We'll start to learn that answer when Excalibur #1 becomes available later this week.