Falcon And Winter Soldier: Chris Evans Cameo in Final Episode Makes Sense

Chris Evans appearing in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as Steve Rogers for the final episode… it just makes sense. No one has promised anything like this and the show hasn't given an indication that he is laying in wait for an appearance but as we celebrate Sam Wilson getting the Captain America shield back from John Walker at some point, Steve Rogers would be a great character to help initiate the real new Captain America. The entire journey has been and should be about Sam Wilson accepting whether or not he is going to become Captain America and if we want to follow the comics, Chris Evans showing up would just make sense.

Take a look at the comics where Sam Wilson is revealed to be the next Captain America in the Marvel Universe. They start with a montage of Sam's selflessness, all showing the kind of character and hero he is, narrated by Steve Rogers. By the end of it, Steve Rogers is standing before all of the Avengers, a whole entire Old Man, and he introduces Falcon as the new Cap. I think Sam and the symbol of Captain America are going to need an endorsement from someone like Steve Rogers after what happened in Episode 4.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

John Walker literally executed a dude on camera to end Episode 4. He killed a dude in a town square by bludgeoning him with the Captain America shield which was a symbol of hope and had a pretty intense level of purity when Steve Rogers was wielding it. If I'm Sam Wiilson, I don't really want to be carrying that thing around after the world saw it covered in blood and were made to be afraid of it.

You know who might be able to restore the world's and Sam's opinion of that symbol? Steve Rogers.

This does bring in the issue of him telling the world where he's been, why he's so oid, and how he's been in an alternate timeline with Peggy Carter after kissing her niece and leaving her in this timeline to fend for herself -- but we all wanna see Chris Evans in this part again, so... Maybe he finds a way?

Maybe he'll just explain it to the Avengers, just like he did in the comics, and whatever heroes are on Earth and not caught in some Westview or multiverse anomaly or running from having their identities revealed will be on hand to hear it. So, Hulk, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Hawkeye, War Machine, Okoye... Get them all in a room for a speech from Steve and show us the full-on Falcon Captain America suit and it's the best possible ending for the show, right?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier John Walker Captain America Wyatt Russell
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

I only really thought of this Steve Rogers appearance because the guy who plays John Walker, Wyatt Russell, did an interview and he is always quick to say he's never met Chris Evans but he wouldn't say that Steve Rogers isn't showing up -- just the old, "You'll have to wait and see," comment to leave it up in the air.

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