Falcon and the Winter Soldier Releases Stunning VFX Reel

After WandaVision took fans on a deconstructed view of the superhero genre, Marvel's The Falcon [...]

After WandaVision took fans on a deconstructed view of the superhero genre, Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier returned fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the typical blockbuster style they expected. Featuring Anthony Mackie's Captain America and Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes, the series was jam-packed with high-flying action throughout all six episodes.

As with all other Marvel properties, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier used dozens of visual effects vendors to complete the show's required looks. That includes the team at Rodeo FX, led by visual effects supervisor Sébastien Francoeur. Together, Francoeur and his team worked on hundreds of shots, including the show's high-octane semi-tractor fight, adding blood to the Captain America shield, and more.

Rodeo FX provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive first look at their stunning before and after sizzle reel, and you can see it in its entire above.

"The one thing that I think was pretty invisible and really successful was that shield needed to be replaced in almost every shot," Marvel's Eric Leven previously said about bloodying the shield.. "One of the most impressive shots I thought was at the very end when Sam's holding up the shield after the fight and wiping the blood away. That's a CG shield with CG blood on it."

He added, "Due to the fact that one, it was difficult for people to decide on the day what the blood was gonna look like. People were frankly hesitant to put blood on the real shield, because we'd never done that before, this shield is always pristine. But when they're fighting, they're fighting with a rubber shield, they can't fight with the real shield. So the rubber shields typically don't look 100%, they flex, so that needs to be replaced….People don't realize that shield is usually computer generated."

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