Falcon and the Winter Soldier Showrunner Wants to Reboot Deathlok Next

Malcolm Spellman's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just began its six-episode run on Disney+, [...]

Malcolm Spellman's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just began its six-episode run on Disney+, and the showrunner might already have his eyes set on his next Marvel property. On the massive press tour for the Marvel Studios, Spellman said he would love to get a stab at bringing Deathlok into the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of his favorite comics characters growing up.

"My favorite character, the character I would most love to do next, would be Deathlok," the writer said in a chat with Heroic Hollywood. "But it would have to be right."

J. August Richards played a version of the character in the earliest episodes of Agents of SHIELD before departing for other opportunities. Even though he returned for the show's massive 100th episode, Spellman made sure to say he'd like to see another version of the character come to life.

"Yeah. Yeah," Spellman added of Agents of SHIELD's version. "Not that Deathlok. A different Deathlok."

We spoke with Richards two years ago when a massive fan campaign was underway to bring the character back to life. Then, the actor told us he'd love for nothing more than to play the character again.

"I have to say though, that obviously right after I read the Deadline article, I tweeted, 'Hey Marvel, I'm ready to suit up at anytime,'" Richards said at the time. "I was really touched by how the fans were so aware of the fact a lot of times the actor from television doesn't necessarily get to do it in movies, and they actually were the ones who started the idea of the continuity of me playing the role."

"I was really touched, and honestly really humbled by the amount of people that advocated for me to continue playing the part. They actually started the hashtag #RichardsForDeathlok. That was really so surprising, so I was really thankful for that."

The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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