Fan Edit Gives 'Captain Marvel' Suit Color Palette Straight From the Comics

New photos of Brie Larson's MCU costume surfaced earlier today, but a fan has given the suit a [...]

New photos of Brie Larson's MCU costume surfaced earlier today, but a fan has given the suit a Captain Marvel-themed upgrade.

The new photos showed Larson on the Avengers 4 set in a green and silver costume, which we have a few theories about. While fans can expect a different costume that more resembles her iconic look later on, Reddit user Beautiful Basket decided to give it a more comic flair, and probably broke some kind of record in regards to fan edits in general in the process.

The new edit features the red, blue, and gold color scheme fans are used to, and those colors make it look pretty snazzy. You can check out the new edit in the photo below.

My edit of the new Captain Marvel suit from r/marvelstudios

While a few set photos have leaked out, overall Marvel is quite good at keeping a lid on their films. In fact, they did such a good job of it that some of the MCU cast didn't even know Brie Larson was cast in the part until right before the public announcement.

"I think people, and I don't know, with my very brief experience, my main experience was at ComicCon with the announcement, and I was backstage in the holding area, chatting" Larson said. "I was out of my mind like "I'm talking to Tilda Swinton, I'm talking to the new Spider-Man, I'm so amazed, and all of them were like "So what movie are you here for? Are you like lost, or are you supposed to be in a different hall?" I was like "Oh no, I'm like part of this now, surprise!" and none of them knew. So I think that says something to like just what's happening behind all of this that it's magical. I feel like I've fallen down this magical hole of mystery that I don't know what's happening."

Now that she's officially part of the MCU, fans have high hopes for the character, and Larson has high expectations herself. Fans have been waiting quite a while for the character to come to the big screen, and you can get your first look at her on set here.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.