Fan Uncovers Fun New England Patriots Easter Eggs In Captain America: Winter Soldier


One eagle eyed fan has discovered a connection between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and an NFL football team. A New England Patriots fan on Reddit recently posted a screenshot from the 2014 movie that showed a list of potential targets HYDRA planned to assassinate using its automated Helicarriers. The list contained numerous analogues to New England Patriots players, including former Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.


While none of the players are directly named, many of the players are represented via some slight name changes. For instance, Tom Brady's name was changed to Thomas Brody, presumably to prevent any potential lawsuits or rights issues. In addition to Brady, the list (shown above) contains references to players like Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola. Surprisingly, absent from the list is star tight end Rob Gronkowski.


With nearly 20% of the New England Patriots' roster on the list, it seems that someone at Hydra clearly has a bone to pick with the team. It's also possible the easter egg is a nod to Chris Evans, a Boston native and lifelong fan of the football team.