First Ghost Rider Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Teaser Trailer Released

A heatwave is coming for Agents of SHIELD this September. Marvel just confirmed some long-held [...]

A heatwave is coming for Agents of SHIELD this September. Marvel just confirmed some long-held rumors at San Diego Comic Con by announcing that Ghost Rider was coming to their ABC series. And, now, the first teaser trailer for Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD has hit the Internet.

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have shared the exclusive clip which announces Ghost Riders' hell-bound entrance. The clip shows the Agents of SHIELD logo heating up, quit literally, as its metal turns bright orange under what's likely hellfire. The logo then explodes, and from the fiery explosion comes Ghost Rider's flaming skull. The clip's ominous music swells as the skull's eyes come aglow with fire before the entire thing rushes towards viewers. The skull, thankfully, disappears before any comic book voodoo occurs and allows the vengeful hero to enter our real world.

Marvel confirmed that Ghost Rider would be coming in the form of Robbie Reyes, the latest iteration of the character. The teen-slash-young adult will be played by Gabriel Luna. Marvel Television Jeph Loeb spoke about the reveal in a statement by saying, "Season 4 will unquestionably be the series' biggest, most ambitious story yet, and it all begins with the introduction of one of our greatest legacy characters in Ghost Rider. When the Spirit of Vengeance rides into S.H.I.E.L.D., it'll change everything."

For some reason, I don't think Loeb is kidding. The teaser trailer promises that, "Vengeance comes this Fall," and I'm not sure whether SHIELD is going to be dishing out the vengeance or receiving it. Robbie, who debuted in Marvel's NOW! line-up, looks like he'll fit in with Agents of SHIELD's 'darker tone' for Season 4. The character, who drives a car rather than chained-up motorcycle, finds himself turned into Ghost Rider after a tragic street race. In order to take care of his disabled brother, Robbie is willing to do anything to protect him - so he'll probably have no issue facing down Coulson should the agent get in his way.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC this Fall on September 20th.