First Look At What Thor Was Doing During Civil War

(Photo: @DaleyPearson)When Captain America: Civil War hit theaters, many fans had one simple [...]

thor sdcc documentary clip
(Photo: @DaleyPearson)

When Captain America: Civil War hit theaters, many fans had one simple question: Where was Thor? After all, the Asgardian warrior was presumably pretty tight with both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark given their time together with The Avengers. But, sadly, Thor was nowhere to be found in the film - and now fans know why. Marvel gave attendees a look into what Thor was doing during Civil War during San Diego Comic Con, and now, fans everywhere have gotten their first look at the god's vacation.

Danny Pearson took to Twitter to upload of photo of himself chilling with the God of Thunder. Pearson, a writer/director, played a man named Daryl in a documentary-styled clip shown at SDCC that explained Thor's unexplained going-ons. And, apparently, the only thing that kept Thor from joining in on Civil War was an intense Connect Four tournament. Pearson uploaded a photo showing him facing off with Thor alongside a short message which reads, "Where was Thor during Civil War? He moved in with me and we sort-a played Connect Four. A lot. #ComiCon #MarvelSDCC."

While Marvel hasn't released the special SDCC video to the public, plenty of attendees have published descriptions of the hilarious clip. Director Taika Waititi created the piece where Thor explained, "I just am taking a break. We had this cool adventure saving New York, that was pretty great. So I moved to Australia and moved in with Daryl." The video features several hilarious scenes which find Thor adapting to everyday life in Australia as the god writes letters, gives viewers a tour of his bedroom, and chats with Dr. Bruce Banner.

Writing to his feuding friends, Thor gently reminds Tony of when he created the world's most destructive robot, Ultron. "How's it going? Remember that time you created the possessed robot that nearly destroyed Earth? That was funny," he wrote. And, to Steve, Thor said, "Dear Steve Rogers, remember when I goaded you into killing those prisoners and you made me swear not to tell any of the other Avengers? I still haven't. Please let me know if you need anything, I'm not doing much at the moment."

Giving a tour of his bedroom, viewers could see that Thor tucks Mjolnir into bed, which is admittedly adorable. The god then showed off a chart depicting his Infinity Stones conspiracy theories. A note can be seen written by Thor which refers to Thanos that reads, "Who is the purple man in the chair? He's purple, has a magic glove, and doesn't like standing up."

Fans also went wild when a scene was shown of Thor speaking to Bruce Banner who then revealed that Tony wouldn't leave him alone about The Avenger's in-fighting. "No amount of money is going to get me into your little pissing contest," Bruce finally tells Tony. The billionaire doesn't feel like speaking with Thor, ultimately saying he'll call the god back later. Thor, however, reminds his former teammate that he doesn't own a phone and a raven should be used for communication instead.

Thor: Ragnarok also unveiled a sizzle reel and new logo at SDCC ahead of its November 2017 release date. And, if fans are super lucky, Marvel might have mercy on us and upload this special 'documentary' for fans everywhere.

After all, we need to know! Who won the Connect Four Championship?