Marvel Fan Creates Chilling Netflix 'Ghost Rider' Teaser Poster

For years, fans have been eager to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Ghost Rider return to the [...]

For years, fans have been eager to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Ghost Rider return to the small screen, and now we have an idea of how cool that could look.

Reddit user Zepanda66 shared a fan-made tease poster, whichh promotes a long-hypothetical Ghost Rider Netflix TV show. You can check it out below.

Why hasn't Ghost Rider on Netflix happened yet? Did they miss their window? from r/marvelstudios

Granted, very recent events might not make fans as optimistic about the idea of another Marvel Netflix series, but it's hard to deny how nice it would be to see Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) return to the MCU after his stint on Agents of SHIELD.

"I really love how serious [we take Ghost Rider]." Luna said of playing the role back in 2016. "We're definitely infusing it with a lot of gravitas and true-to-life emotional struggle. He's just trying to be a normal guy who has to care for his brother [and] deal with these very real family ties. Meanwhile, [he's] moonlighting as the Spirit of Vengeance and going out at night and putting more X's on the wall when it comes to taking out bad guys."

"[Gabriel] did such a good job." Chloe Bennet told last year. "So maybe he will come back. Maybe. We legitimately don't know, is the fun part about that."

"Yeah, but I'd be surprised if you didn't see him back on our show at some point," Clark Gregg seconded.

But as it turns out, some might not have the most optimistic view of the MCU's take on Ghost Rider.

"They've brought that character back on TV now and he looks like the clean, vanilla, G-rated character again," Brian Taylor, who co-directed the original Ghost Rider movies, confessed in a previous interview. "That version really has no interest for me, but I do think a scary, rated R, horror superhero movie is an awesome thing that should be done and I wish that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance had been it."

"The Marvel [Studios] movies, I just don't understand at all." Taylor told "I have to be honest, they seem very long to me. I've got to be careful the way I say this. I just don't get them. I'm kind of bored with them and I just don't find them particularly entertaining. I think they're really well made in terms of craft. The action is really good. They're technically really great. They have a lot of actors that I love. But I just don't get it."

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