Ghost Rider May Get His Own Show According To Gabriel Luna

The fourth season of Agents of SHIELD has introduced audiences to one of Marvel’s most iconic [...]

The fourth season of Agents of SHIELD has introduced audiences to one of Marvel's most iconic vigilantes. Ghost Rider has joined the television series to all sorts of praise, and fans are still raving about the character's inclusion. Played by Gabriel Luna, Ghost Rider has situated himself as one of SHIELD's biggest headaches because of his mercilessly search for justice. And, now, Luna is teasing a solo series for Ghost Rider may one day explore the character's violent vigilantism on the small screen.

Speaking with IGN, Luna was asked whether he thought Ghost Rider might get his own show following his tenure on Agents of SHIELD. The actor confessed, "There's been rumblings about that. It depends on how much you [the fans] love it. If you love it, we'll make it."

Luna went on to describe what he'd like to see happen in a standalone show as he hopes Ghost Rider will keep to the West Coast. "What happens if we go out West - palm trees, beaches, and bikinis?" he asked.

"You got this kid from Hill Rock Heights who is a legend in his neighborhood. — As more people become aware of him, what happens then? I think there's a lot of bad dudes that we can clean up with the Ghost Rider on our side."

He also teased which Marvel characters he'd like to team up with in a solo series, even if the big guy does have anger issues. Luna admitted he like to see Ghost Rider either team up with The Hulk or face the green giant head-on.

"In the first [comic] run, he didn't meet up with any other character. He meets up with Totally Awesome Hulk [in the second] which is sweet. I love The Hulk. He was my favorite growing up. - Just the fact that Ghost Rider can even go toe-to-toe with The Hulk is saying something. So, I'd like to see that," he said.

This isn't the first time Luna has publicly called out The Hulk during an interview. At the Season 4 premiere of Agents of SHIELD, the actor said he'd like to go against The Hulk. "You know what I want the Hulk. I'm calling you out right now. I'm calling you out Bruce Banner," he challenged.

During his recent interview, Luna also took a moment to talk about the fans and their reaction to his version of Ghost Rider. "The response has been overwhelmingly positive," he explained. "I stayed off the Internet when I got the job because half the people were stoked there was going to be a Ghost Rider. The other half are purists, and people don't like change - I understand that, you know?"

"There was a lot of unrest early, but I knew what we were doing was worthy," he stressed.

The actor also talked about what sources he drew from to create his iteration of Ghost Rider. The character, who is portrayed by Robbie Reyes, is a gritty take on the vengeful vigilante - and Luna admits he looked at everything from Nicolas Cage's films to the comics to create his character.

"I've put a lot into the character," Luna said. "I've put The Hulk into the character. I've put a lot of Wolverine into the character. Whenever his [claws come out], it hurts every time. Whenever my face melts away, it hurts every single time - and you're dreading that moment when it happens but he knows sometimes it has to happen."

So, what do you think? Would you like to see Gabriel Luna's Ghost Rider get his own solo series? Let us know in the comments below!

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on September 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT