Hailee Steinfeld Speaks Out on All-Female 'Spider-Man' Spinoff

2018 was a year dominated by superhero films and there’s no denying that the dark horse was [...]

2018 was a year dominated by superhero films and there's no denying that the dark horse was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The animated feature about Miles Morales and his counterparts may not have made as much money as the other hero movies of the year, but Spider-Verse quickly became one of the highest rated in the genre's history.

There are already talks of sequel films, including a Spider-Gwen spin-off that would focus on women versions of the friendly neighborhood hero. There are already rumors circulating that Silk and Jessica Drew will be making an appearance.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the woman behind Spider-Gwen, Hailee Steinfeld, talked about her feelings about the potential new movie.

"Oh my goodness! I mean, to be a part of this and play this strong female superhero in this film particularly is quite a privilege," she said. "The thought of a spin-off is, uh, incredible. If that were to ever happen I'd be honored to be a part of it. I'd love that opportunity."

Steinfeld loves Spider-Gwen, who she calls "strong", "free-spirited", and "badass". "She's her own person," she added, "She's kind above all."

"Anything to do something like this again with these people would be an honor," she said of the potential sequel.

When it came time to play the character in Spider-Verse, the actress known for the Pitch Perfect sequels knew she was working with something "special."

"It's definitely a dream to, like, play a superhero and to be a part of what turned out to be something so incredible and unlike anything else," she explained.

When it came down to it, she wasn't afraid that to admit the animated feature was "the coolest thing" she's ever done.

"Too bad this isn't live-action, because I wish I actually looked like that," she joked.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse follows multiple versions of the hero, including the iconic Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson). The film stars Shameik Moore (as Miles Morales), Hailee Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali, Liev Schreiber, Nicolas Cage, John Mulaney, Kimiko Glenn, Lily Tomlin, Kathryn Hahn, Brian Tyree Henry, and Luna Lauren Velez.

In addition to Spider-Verse, you can also see Steinfeld in Bumblebee, the latest Transformers spin-off that's in theatres everywhere. The actress is also playing Emily Dickinson in Dickinson, an upcoming biographical dramedy web series about the writer. She is also signed on for the movie Idol, which is being written by actor Matt King (Bronson, Paddington, Peep Show.)

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