Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld Explains Young Avengers Hopes

Kate Bishop is finally ready to make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The arrival of Hawkeye on Disney+ this week will see actress Hailee Steinfeld take on the role of Bishop, the hero who ends up taking over the Hawkeye mantle from Clint Barton. Of course, in the comics, Kate is also one of the most well-known members of the Young Avengers team and her arrival in the MCU has many fans wondering if the younger group of heroes will be getting their chance in the live-action spotlight some time soon.

Characters like Eli Bradley and Cassie Lang have already appeared in the MCU, and America Chavez is set to debut in the Doctor Strange sequel next year. The team seems to be coming together and Kate Bishop has long been one of its leaders and most important members. A live-action Young Avengers certainly seems in the cards for the MCU. While that prospect is exciting, Steinfeld is taking her new role in the MCU one project at a time, staying ready for whatever adventure or team-up could be ahead.

"I mean, it's always exciting, the thought of any character you play where it could go, and especially with something like this," Steinfeld told ComicBook.com. "But I just don't think I've quite comprehended the fact that I've even gotten here, that I'm in this show and this show's about to come out. So yeah, that's where my head's at."

Hawkeye executive producer Trinh Tran also addressed the possibilities of teams like Young Avengers or West Coast Avengers, saying the constant cycling of heroes in and out of the MCU helps set the stage for different groups.

"Obviously, I can't say much, but there are heroes that have left the MCU and there are new people coming in," said Tran. "I think our focus always is, 'Let's get Kate Bishop right here in this storyline. Let's make sure that what people love about her on paper is going to be translated onto the screen.' And then, we can go from there and see how the future holds. But I think the focus really was to make sure we land her correctly in this series first."

Kate Bishop will probably be a Young Avenger in the MCU at some point, but for now, she'll spend six episodes of Hawkeye learning the ropes with Clint Barton. 

Hawkeye debuts on Disney+ on November 24th.