Hawkeye Movie Starring Jeremy Renner Was Initially Planned Before Disney+ Series

The long-awaited streaming service, Disney+, is finally launching next week and will see a lot of exciting new shows on day one, including Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Eventually, the site will also see an array of Marvel series, including one about Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton/Hawkeye. The show is expected to introduce Clint's protege, Kate Bishop, and is will drop in the fall of 2021. Recently, Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, spoke to Bloomberg about the upcoming project and explained that Renner was originally supposed to get his own standalone film, but the actor was fine with the switch to Disney+

"In April 2018, when the cast of Avengers: Infinity War was in town for the film's premiere, Feige convened a meeting to talk up his ideas. His audience included Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, and Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, who portray Wanda Maximoff (aka the Scarlet Witch) and the Vision," Bloomberg explained.

"Among other ideas, Feige laid out his plans for the Loki series and another called WandaVision, focused on the other two characters, who are romantically entwined. Everyone, he says, was stoked. Feige was more nervous about his pitch to Jeremy Renner, who plays The Avengers' Hawkeye. Marvel had a deal for Renner to star in a movie based on the character, but Feige wanted to turn the project into a Disney+ series. Renner turned out to be fine with the change," they added.

"He totally got it and said, 'Let's do it,'" Feige recalled.

The site added that Renner did not respond to a request for comment, which is no surprise considering his current personal troubles. The actor was recently accused of having a drug problem as well as physically abusing his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, who revealed these details when filing for sole custody of their child. Renner fired back, calling Pacheco an "unstable liar" in more documents related to the case. It sounds like things will continue to get messy, but the accusations against Renner do not seem to be affecting the Disney+ series in any way.


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Upcoming Marvel Studios projects include Black Widow on May 1, 2020, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in Fall 2020, The Eternals on November 6, 2020, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on February 12, 2021, WandaVision in Spring 2021, Loki in Spring 2021, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 7, 2021, Spider-Man 3 on July 16, 2021, What If…? in Summer 2021, Hawkeye in Fall 2021, and Thor: Love and Thunder on November 5, 2021, and Black Panther 2 on May 6, 2022. Marvel Studios Disney+ series without release dates include Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk.