Hawkeye Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed

Marvel's Hawkeye TV series is about to premiere on Disney+ and the show's official Rotten Tomatoes score is now out! According to the aggregate site, Hawkeye is currently sitting at 84% "Fresh" after 31 reviews have been submitted (at the time of writing this). The general consensus in the reviews is that Hawkeye is the most "grounded" of the big Marvel Disney+ series but is no less fun and satisfying – largely based on some impeccable chemistry between series stars Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton/Hawkeye) and Hailee Steinfeld (Kate Bishop). In other words: it looks like Marvel fans have a good watch arriving, just in time for Thanksgiving. 

In his glowing 5 out of 5 review of Hawkeye, Comicbook.com's Adam Barnhardt says the following about the Marvel Cinematic Universe's newest star stealing the show (literally): 

"It's unfair to say Hawkeye is going to turn Hailee Steinfeld into a superstar because she's already at that level. What might be fairer, however, is to say just how popular she's about to become because of her portrayal of Bishop. Her take on one of Marvel's most popular characters is infectious at every turn, with Steinfeld dominating the screen every time she appears — even if it's in scenes with the likes of Vera Farmiga and Tony Dalton... It's hard to shake the feeling that, years from now, we'll look back at this casting and see it on the level of Robert Downey's arrival as Tony Stark. Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop, and she's going to be your favorite superhero."

However, Indiewire's Ben Travers contends that Kate Bishop steals too much spotlight in what is essentially a bait-and-switch concept for a Hawkeye show: 

"Hawkeye is clearly more concerned with setting up Kate Bishop for future MCU phases than creating a problem worthy of two heroes' time. And at six hours, it's certainly not worthy of yours."


Barnhardt argues that Kate is a necessary balance to the more serious character work that Jeremy Renner gets to do in the series:

"The return of street-level Marvel stories is refreshing, and the Christmastime setting of Hawkeye — combined with Marvel's classic comedy, largely from Bishop and the Tracksuit Mafia bros — helps provide some needed levity in an otherwise dark series. There are some interesting parallels between Clint examining his trauma here and how Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) did so in WandaVision, and it may be the most interesting plot thread to watch for as the series progresses. That said, Steinfeld's splendid take on Bishop takes over any time she appears on-screen, so fans hoping to see a Clint-heavy show might get a little bummed out. Regardless, the first two episodes of Hawkeye provide an incredible foundation for the show to build on between now and Christmas as the show serves as a dynamite conclusion to Marvel's first year on Disney+."

Marvel's Hawkeye will begin streaming on Disney+ on Thursday, November 24th.