Did Hayley Atwell Just Hint At Her Return To The MCU?

There are few things which Agent Carter fans want more than to see Hayley Atwell return to the [...]

There are few things which Agent Carter fans want more than to see Hayley Atwell return to the MCU. The actress was last seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before Steve Rogers attended her funeral in Civil War. Fans have held out hope that Marvel Studios will find a way to loop her back into the franchise, and many think the star's latest Instagram post may tease her comeback is imminent.

Earlier today, Atwell took to Instagram to share a rather simple photo. The actress posted a picture of her table at a restaurant that held both a coffee and copy of Gone with the Wind. However, it is the photo's caption that got fans in a speculating mood.

"Sunny afternoon in Georgia," the actress wrote.

Sunny afternoon in Georgia ❤️

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Of course, fans of the MCU will be able to connect the dots here. It is a well-known fact that many of Marvel Studios' projects film in Georgia at the Pinewood Studios in Atlanta. If the actress was down South while production is on-going on Avengers 4, fans will be ready to ask if Peggy Carter may show up in one of the next Avengers films.

Atwell's post on Instagram is not the only one that has fans curious about Agent Carter's status. Just this month, rumors ignited that the British actress had something to do with the MCU after Atwell posted photos of herself at a top-secret MCU photoshoot. The actress posed with stars like Paul Bettany and Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito.

Oh, but that's not all. Last month, fans were also led to wonder about Peggy's well-being when Atwell took to Instagram to share a selfie. The star posted a picture of herself with dots covering her face. The blemishes are the ones Hollywood puts on star when motion-capture work is needed, and Atwell donned them for the MCU once upon a time when she was filming for Ant-Man and The Winter Soldier. The photo made fans wonder if one of the next Avengers films may have flashback or hallucination sequence which requires Peggy's presence, and they seem fine with the idea.

Of course, there is no official word on whether Peggy will make an appearance in either Avengers 3 or 4. Marvel Studios is keeping all its secrets about the blockbusters locked down, so fans will have to wait and see. There's a good chance Atwell may be in Georgia to see the sights or perhaps visit her friends who are filming at Pinewood. So, here is to hoping fans get to see Agent Carter suit up at least one more time in the MCU.

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