Hell Or High Water's David Mackenzie Is Looking Forward To The Day People Get Tired Of Superhero Movies

Director David Mackenzie's newest film Hell or High Water has received a phenomenal response from critics and audiences, and success like that typically results in frenzied offers from film studios.

While that might certainly be the case, there is one genre of film that Mackenzie has zero interest in, which happens to be the ever-popular superhero genre. In a recent sit down with The Guardian, Mackenzie recalls his process when working with stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster, as well as the reasoning behind his project choices.

Towards the end of the interview, the topic of big studios looking for indie directors to helm their popular franchises is broached, specifically Marvel Studios. Meant as a compliment, it doesn't take Mackenzie long to shoot down that idea.

"I can't f****** bear superheroes, so I won't be doing one of those. I look forward to the day when the general public get tired of these things – I've been tired of them for a long time."

A more accurate description would have probably been "taking a rocket launcher to a pinata", but regardless of how you describe his feelings, it's clear he wants nothing to do with the genre.

To each his own, but the phrasing "I look forward to the day when the general public gets tired of these things" is a bit overkill, right? You might not like documentaries, westerns, political films, or introspective character pieces, but to wish that audiences just tire of them completely is just rather arrogant about the importance of your own work.