Hugh Jackman Thinking About Avengers and X-Men Crossover According to Sebastian Stan

Hugh Jackman is thinking about the potential for an X-Men and Avengers crossover. That's according [...]

Hugh Jackman is thinking about the potential for an X-Men and Avengers crossover. That's according to one current member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sebastian Stan was on an Ace Comic Con panel with co-stars Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. The topic of Fox's merger with Disney and what it means for the X-Men and Marvel movies came up. Stan volunteered some interesting information.

"Recently I happened to be sitting next to Hugh Jackman," Stan said. "I didn't know what other awkward thing I could talk about but to be like, 'Am I going to see you soon?' I don't know. But he said a couple of things to me and I'll just leave it at that. Otherwise, I feel like I'm going to get into trouble with somebody."

Despite worrying about getting into trouble, Stan continued.

"I asked him because I kept thinking he said whether or not that was, Logan, was supposed to be the last Wolverine thing or whatever and he said to me, well I think he publicly said out there, which was like he's been thinking about it and it's been on his mind. So, I don't, he may be."

Logan is, as far as we know, Jackman's final performance as Wolverine. Jackman recently commented on the idea of coming back after the Disney-Fox is through.

"It's interesting because for the whole 17 years I kept thinking that would be so great, like I would love to see, particularly, Iron Man and the Hulk and Wolverine together," Jackman said. "And every time I saw an Avengers movie I could just see Wolverine in the middle of all of them like punching them all on the head. But it was like, 'Oh well, that's not gonna happen,' and it was interesting just when I first saw that headline — it was just the possibility of it and who knows what's gonna happen, obviously — I was like, 'Hang on!' But I think, unfortunately, the ship has sailed for me, but for someone else, I would like to see Wolverine in there."

Could something have changed for Jackman to make him reconsider? Or could he become involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in another role? Is he already planning a cameo appearance? With the Disney-Fox deal having to go through regulation for a year or more, fans will have to wait and see.

Logan is now available on home media.