Iron Fist Gets New Marvel Comics Series Just in Time for Netflix Debut

Iron Fist is coming to Netflix in Spring 2017, rounding out the Defenders before they come [...]

Iron Fist is coming to Netflix in Spring 2017, rounding out the Defenders before they come together for that mini-series later in the year. But the character hasn't had a solo series in a year on the printed page, something that Marvel Comics is rectifying timed nicely with his TV debut.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Simply titled Iron Fist, the new solo comic will debut in March 2017, written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Mike Perkins, Marvel Comics announced on THR. The central conceit will be to follow up on the near destruction of the mystical city of K'un-Lun in his last series, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon.

"K'un-Lun is the source of his powers and now that the city lays in ruins, Danny's connection is severed," writer Brisson said in the announcement. "This affects his ability to actually be Iron Fist. His whole identity seems to be slipping away from him and he doesn't know how to hold onto it."

Brisson said he'll be picking up story threads revealed by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Kaare Andrews in their runs with the character, as he wants to "expand upon the established mythology. While there's a newness to everything that Danny is now up against, it also feels inevitable."

He's excited to exploit Perkins' "great character work and serious storytelling chops," and promised that the artist's designs for the Seven Masters in the series are "simply jaw dropping."

While it's coming out around the same time as the Netflix series, it's not going to tie directly into it in any way. In fact, Brisson said that "the last two [comic book] series... have set an intimidatingly high bar," and he is thinking "about that more than the show."

Iron Fist hits Marvel Comics in March 2017, and Iron Fist the Netflix series hits your TV on March 17, 2017.

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