'Iron Fist' Footage Shown At SDCC Reveals Classic Costume

As Ebony Maw once said, "Hear me and rejoice..." Why, you ask? Because it looks like we're getting a classic Iron Fist costume in some form when the second season of Iron Fist hits Netflix later this Fall.

ComicBook.com's very own Brandon Davis is on location in Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center and footage shown to the crowd there shows Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and Davos (Sacha Dhawan) fighting in the classic yellow masks we've come to know in love.

According to Brandon, the footage shows Danny sits with another heir (Davos). They will compete for the right to face Shou-Lao the Undying. They both wear a mask consistent with that of the Iron Fist's look in the comics but very much made of cloth. They are tethered together by a yellow rope.

And some more footage descriptions to whet your appetite.

Danny stands in the street, masked by his shirt and a hood. He uses his hand to signal an armored truck to stop. Two men look at each other inside. Danny stands calmly. They floor it, peeling out and barreling towards him. Danny runs straight back at them. He dodges and jumps aside, only to punch the truck's motor and send it crashing ahead of him. The men are hurt. There are armed criminals in the bak, decked out in black and sunglasses. Danny pummels the driver before the passenger starts shooting. Outside, he beats him easily. The armed men emerge, pouring out gunshots. Danny swings in and takes them before hiding behind the closed door as others try to gun him down. As they get closer, he emerges, and takes them down, leading to a knife fight. One of them cut his shoulder but he comes out on top until armed gun man rise up from the truck. He summons his chi and plunges his fist into the ground, sending a shockwave through it, setting off car alarms, breaking windows, and taking out the enemies.

In a kitchen, Colleen stalls in the back while Danny greets apparent enemies in the restaurant. They are searching for the owner and he is stalling. Colleen ends up in a fight in the back, taking on two men at the same time. Danny is forced to explain the noises coming from the kitchen. The men aren't buying it.Colleen beats the men with various kitchen items before they get the upper hand with a chain. The man outside holds a knife to Danny but he ejects it straight into the wall. The other two men draw knives. Colleen's fight rages on, she uses the chain against them and other kitchen items. Danny dodges and jabs, eventually sending a man through a table. She wins and tells them to "Go, now."

Women fight in a backroom and one rushes out with needles. Colleen ends up face to face with two women after others flee. She takes her jacket off, throws it at one, metal music starts playing, and a continuous shot begins for the fight. Misty ends up out back, where she clotheslines a biker trying to get away with the needles. Colleen handles the two women, using one's body against the other as a shield and a weapon. The fight gets more difficult but she remains in control amongst the chaos.


Iron Fist is slated for release on September 7, 2018 while we still await word on when the third season of Daredevil and second season of The Punisher will premiere as both shows have wrapped production on their respective seasons. A third season of Jessica Jones is now in production.