Iron Man Fan Is Building a Real-Life JARVIS

The start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced not only Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark to the world, but a computerized voice that would go on to play the biggest role of a previously minor part in the entire MCU. The Paul Bettany voiced JARVIS started out as an AI assistant to Tony, alerting him to trivial things like his phone ringing and serious issues like a fire in his lab, and would go on to become the basis for his fellow Avenger Vision. One Iron Man fan has taken their love for the Rather Very Intelligent System and is building his own.

Reddit user /u/Aminder45 posted on the Marvel Studios subreddit that he's created a home assistant/home automation system inspired by Jarvis which he dubbed Helios. In the video he shows how it can automatically check systems for his computers but unlike Google Home and Alexa assistants, Helios acts without being asked or told to do a command. He also revealed that it can control his Philips hue lights, have remote control on many of his devices, wake him up and reveal the weather, while also being able to shut down components in the event of a power outage and even reboot itself after one.

/u/Aminder45 is also working on other features for the Jarvis-like system including facial and voice recognition, motion sensor, read the news, and other computer related functions. As many noted to him online though, perhaps be wary of any inclination that it's transitioning into an Ultron-like demeanor, to which he replied, "The second it says 'what is this'. I am burning the entire server down."

This is Helios my own home assistant/ home automation system highly inspired by Jarvis. from r/marvelstudios

This home made JARVIS-like system comes just a couple months after another fan created a metal version of the hero’s signature gauntlet over at The Hacksmith. Using stainless steel, and sadly not the iconic red and gold armor that Tony wears, a lot of work went into engineering the small interlocking pieces of metal that facilitate articulation for all the joints contained in the gauntlet.

The good news and bad news for /u/Aminder45 is that as great as his system is, he can't bring it with him to a comic-con as part of an elaborate Iron Man cosplay. Well, at least not yet, by the time it's safe to do it again perhaps he'll have cracked the code.