Iron Man: Marvel Fan Creates Real-Life Metal Gauntlet

One Iron Man fan decided to create a metal version of the hero’s signature gauntlet. The Hacksmith, real name James Hobson, is no stranger to Marvel custom weapons and gear. He’s been making amazing projects based on Thor’s Hammer, Thanos’ Sword, and Captain America’s shield for years now. A couple of weeks back, the YouTuber managed to make a functioning lightsaber in a video. If you’re capable of that kind of wizardry, the metal gauntlet might not be that much of stretch, but it’s still staggering in its detail. During the video above, he and his crew have to deal with plasma cutting the prop and getting the weight under control. If that sounds like a good time, then you’re in for a real treat. With all this time inside, some of us can only wish we had been this productive.

Things have been going so well for The Hacksmith that they’ve been able to start tinkering with stainless steel production. However, that means we’re dealing with silver instead of that iconic red and gold associated with Tony Stark. A lot of work went into engineering the small interlocking pieces of metal that facilitate articulation for all the joints contained in the gauntlet. It might surprise some viewers, but paper modeling actually helped achieve this build and that shouldn’t surprise any cosplay builders out there. Go to any convention (Not anytime soon…sigh.) and you will see your share of wild cardboard builds strutting around the show floor.

If you had to ask someone how to build an Iron Man armor, then you’re probably going to want to talk to Matt Aitken of Weta Digital. The VFX outfit helped bring the Mark 85 armor to life in Avengers: Endgame and they spoke to about that task last year.

"Here in Infinity War, and then subsequently in Endgame, he's got the Bleeding Edge nano-tech that he's developed," Aitken recalled. " And that's about this idea that the suit is actually made up of these nanoparticles that can kind of form a fluid and move around on the surface of the suit, and reform different weapons, and then kind of solidify and crystallize into a rigid, metal suit. We developed that tech for Infinity War, and then really extended it for Endgame for two particular sequences."

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