Looks Like New Mutants Isn't Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe After All

A few months before The New Mutants hits theaters, Walt Disney Studios unveiled an all-new poster [...]

A few months before The New Mutants hits theaters, Walt Disney Studios unveiled an all-new poster for the series. Featuring the main cast of the series, the poster shows the actors involved in the film artistically intercut with skull artwork. All in all, it's a rather simple poster that gets the movie's message across in a succinct manner. Despite that, it also seems to confirm something many have wondered since the movie's latest trailer was released — whether or not it'd be in-canon with the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies released by Marvel Studios.

As you might expect, the Marvel Studios logo is nowhere to be found on the poster. Rather, the logo that appears in the right-hand corner is that of 20th Century Studios, the recently-rebranded name of the studio which once was 20th Century Fox. It's a small addition to the poster, but seems to speak volumes regarding the recent discourse.

Before Disney officially absorbed the assets of 20th Century Fox, there was long talk Fox had wanted the movie to undergo massive reshoots, leading to tensions between the studio and filmmaker Josh Boone. Since Disney has taken over, Boone has become more vocal on social media, confirming the theatrical release will be the version he intended to release originally. It's because of that, many suspected there'd be a way to shoehorn the movie into the MCU. After all, Marvel Studios has had a knack for giving directors creative freedoms.

All that said, we know Marvel Studios carries a certain aura of secrecy and has gone to great lengths to keep certain plot points under wraps until a theatrical release. Should you hold your breath? Probably not...but maybe...

Boone has previously said the movie will be vastly different from what fans have seen from other comic book movies, largely in part because of the practical effects involved.

"There's references and things that happen that are part of the greater whole, but we very much wanted it to tonally and aesthetically stand on its own," Boone said. "It's very grounded and very credible and because we shot it in a real location, it just will never look like a typical comic book movie where there's a lot of green screen, and everything sort of looks like there's a painted sheen of CGI across it. We're really going for something not an indie movie, but a little more rough around the edges like that"

The New Mutants hits theaters April 3, 2020.

What do you think will be the first mutant-related property to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Think it over and let us know your thoughts in the comments!