Krysten Ritter Breaks Down Her Jessica Jones Directorial Debut

Heads up Jessica Jones fans, minor spoilers Season Three up ahead! Now that the third and final [...]

Heads up Jessica Jones fans, minor spoilers Season Three up ahead! Now that the third and final season of Jessica Jones has been released, star Krysten Ritter's directorial debut can finally be seen by the masses. Heading to the director's chair for the second episode of the season, "A.K.A You're Welcome," Ritter was able to call the shots in an episode where her character Jessica Jones was placed on the backburner and the spotlight shined bright on Rachael Taylor's Trish Walker/Hellcat.

Speaking with Collider during a recent press stop, Ritter admits the opportunity to direct an episode of the series is something she's longed for during her time on the show and thankfully, the stars aligned in the story to finally allow her the chance.

"I kept asking to direct, and it was about finding that right place where it would make sense, given that I'm in all of the scenes. So, this worked out," Ritter reflected. "Also, creatively, I feel like that's the episode to get because it is a bit of a departure. I was able to make stylistics choices that were new, as opposed to sticking to the established style, and create new languages with the camera, specifically for the Trish character and her origin story of how she gets her powers. [...] So, I feel like I hit the jackpot on the creative on that and what I was able to do, in terms of creating a new style and really putting my stamp on it."

As Ritter said in the interview, nerves were never really something that came into play, as she prepared for the opportunity as much as she could have.

"My style has always been to prepare like crazy, and then I can show up and be confident and know what I'm talking about. I got my script early, and I started working on it like crazy," recounts the star. "I must have gone through it a million times. My script, and I still have it, is covered. There is no white left on the pages with my notes. I have post-its on top of post-its of things to remind myself of, for the day. It was really just about prep work. Then, I had my cast and my crew, who I have known for almost five years, behind me, supporting me."

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All three seasons of Jessica Jones are now streaming on Netflix.