Kevin Feige On The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Five Year Plan

The Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded over the weekend. The super hero world added several new [...]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded over the weekend. The super hero world added several new cast members to its upcoming film line-up, including Brie Larson who will be portraying Captain Marvel.

With the addition of so many new and young heroes, such as Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther, it seems as though a new team of Avengers may be forming as the guys who are going on almost 10 years of work may be phased out.

Speaking to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige after the Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, got inside the head of the man behind the Marvel Studios curtain and what he has planned for the future regarding the beloved Avengers characters. Will Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans be phased out as Holland and Larson move in?

"You always look to the comic books, as we do, and you look at how rosters shift and rosters change and characters go away for a while and characters come back," Feige says. "I would guess that we would get to that soon. Luckily, we're years away from it. Everything that we're doing right now when we're not here getting ready for Comic-Con is focused on the nine movies that will be produced over the next three years and that takes up all of our time and all of our thoughts and all of those include all of those great actors you just mentioned and all of those characters."

As for the movies themselves, Marvel has a pretty clear picture of the future, some of which hasn't been told to the public just yet.

"We always look at a horizon line that's usually about five years off," Feige explains. "Sometimes, even that is sort of a pipe dream, sometimes it even goes beyond that. That's usually what we're looking at. Right now, we know through and have announced through 2019. We have ideas and pretty firm of where we're going in 2020. 2021, which still sounds like the crazy, far fetched future to me, but 2021 is still in flux through 2025."