Brie Larson Says Captain Marvel Will Be a Bridge Between Earth and Space in MCU

Once you’ve been cast as one of the popular superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it may [...]

Once you've been cast as one of the popular superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it may be tricky escaping any questioning in regards to the productions you're involved in — that's especially true for actress Brie Larson, who's one of the latest cast members to join the ever-evolving MCU as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

While on a press tour to promote her latest work in Kong: Skull Island, Larson was asked by entertainment website IGN about what impresses her the most about the character and the actress wasn't short of ways to explain her passion for the character.

"Just the fact that she can be a bridge between two worlds, that she can go to Earth and go to Space and that her own personal place is in the littlest place in between where Earth ends and space begins is hers is so moving to me," Larson told IGN. "I've been so inspired going through all the comics and reading them right now, it's what I've been doing on the side and I'm just amazed."

And just like many other comic book characters, Carol Danvers has sported many looks over the years, all of which seem to be in the running for Captain Marvel's final movie look.

"I feel like this is a big conversation and every day I have people yelling at me on Twitter saying 'You better have long hair, you better have the mohawk, you better wear the helmet, or you better not wear the helmet.'" Larson said. "I'm like 'Somebody's going to be mad.'"

Writer Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy with James Gunn, has been tasked with penning the Captain Marvel script while the project currently has no director attached.

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Captain Marvel is scheduled to release in theaters March 8, 2019.

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