Legion Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

The X-Men franchise might be coming to a close now that Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox is [...]

The X-Men franchise might be coming to a close now that Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox is complete, but Division 3 will still have to deal with the threat of David Haller in the final season of Legion. Now FX has revealed when the super villain origin story will begin, promising that Noah Hawley's mutant epic will wrap up this summer.

The FX Network issued a press release announcing the third season of Legion will premiere on Monday, June 24th at 10pm ET. The episode count is unknown as of yet, but the first season clocked in at eight while Season 2 ran for 11 episodes.

Some fans might be disappointed in the series ending, perhaps even blaming Disney for cleaning the slate of X-Men projects so they can incorporate them in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Hawley has already made it clear that the show was always planned to end after three seasons, and that he's telling the story he set out to from when the show began.

"When Noah came in the first day and told us what he wanted to do he told us the end of the story," said Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb during an interview with Decider. "It wasn't like 'I haven't really figured out where this is gonna go, but this is what I wanna do.' I've very often referred to being on the show as being on the Magical Mystery Tour and that Noah was our bus driver and that eventually he was going to say 'Okay, time to get off.'"

After the events of Season 2 seemed to fully shove David into the deep end of villainy, with a glimpse of the future where he sits on a throne of bones, fans might be worried that Legion will not have a happy ending.

The showrunner recently appeared at WonderCon to address David's frame of mind for the final season.

"The show opened with him at his lowest point, he goes to the hospital and meets a girl and he's happy," Hawley explained. "And then he goes off his meds and things get out of hand. So we could either [have David] go back to a happy place, or he can go off the bottom of the map. And we decided that's where to end the story, otherwise we start the loop again... it's bittersweet, but a story has no meaning without it's ending. The old paradigm of television is that major corporations don't do a mic drop. There's something special about the... story determining the ending."

Legion Season 3 premieres on FX on June 24th.


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