'Legion' Season 2 First Look Released

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In just a few short months, fans will get to see David Haller return. But where did the mysterious mutant run off to in the first place?

FX finally gave their first look at the upcoming new season of Legion as part of their sizzle reel for 2018's programming, showing David back safely with his allies at Summerland. Check it out in the video above.

In the video, David says that he simply wants "to be normal."

"Does any of this look normal to you?" he asks someone off camera.

We only get a quick glimpse, including David inside of a spherical space that appears to be the inside of the mysterious orb that captured him in the closing moments of Season Two.

Syd, Ptonomy, and Cary all make appearances, revealing that even though David is captured he will eventually reunite with the friends he made in Season One. But a sinister duo also lurks in the new footage.

Oliver Byrd is set to return in the new season, with none other than Lenny Busker (AKA the Shadow King) by his side. Lenny escaped destruction from a fully-powered David in the season finale, hiding inside of Oliver's mind and convincing him to drive South in a convertible. Given how important Oliver is to Melanie Byrd and how dangerous Lenny has proven to be, the Summerland group has likely been pursuing them ever since.

That quick shot of Lenny and Oliver is very intriguing; could we be getting another epic dance sequence?

There are a lot of questions viewers have after that epic finale, and there are likely to be many more when the show returns to FX. After all, that is a show like Legion's bread and butter. But it isn't so much as a mystery as much as it's forcing you to question your own sanity, much like David Haller himself.

Legion was an impressive first foray into the X-Men universe being adapted for television, proving Noah Hawley to be one of the most talented showrunners working today. Between Fargo and this, FX is likely to keep him around as they enter a new era under Walt Disney Studios.

Legion returns for Season Two in April on FX.