Loki Director Says Kang Orchestrated Avengers: Endgame

You can blame it all on Kang. While the time-traveling Avengers villain technically didn't appear [...]

You can blame it all on Kang. While the time-traveling Avengers villain technically didn't appear in Loki, the character he's a variant of — He Who Remains — was revealed to be the show's overarching villain, played by Lovecraft Country alumnus Jonathan Majors. As many of us expected, Loki ended up having long-lasting ramifications for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, so much so, series director Kate Herron suggests it was Kang (or He Who Remains) as the one who's orchestrated every event we've seen to date, including the entirety of Avengers: Endgame.

"I suppose well, by our show's logic, yes, because he says like, 'I paved the road, you just walked down it.' I guess in theory, yeah, he would've scripted that because by our show that's what we're saying," Herron recently told The Direct. "Everything has been predetermined by this one character, even if up to this point we've believed the characters have had free will. Which I think is kind of the fun rug-pull of our show, right?"

He Who Remains and, in turn, the Time Variance Authority were charged with keeping the Sacred Timeline to itself so that another multiversal war didn't break out. With access to time-traveling capabilities, this meant the TVA was able to "prune" full timelines — and technically universes — on a whim, practically allowing them to play God.

"Even in the basic thing right, it's like our timeline, the TVA thinks time is straight, and actually it's not. It's a circle in the end," the filmmaker added. "I think that's always the fun thing with any MCU project. I hope with the rest of this phase right, that it will keep subverting our expectations. That's going to push the story forward, really."

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