Loki Director Addresses If Sylvie Is an Enchantress and Lady Loki Hybrid

Sophia Di Martino made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the second episode of Loki, and we [...]

Sophia Di Martino made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the second episode of Loki, and we learned a lot more about the character in the third episode, which was released this week on Disney+. It was long rumored that Di Martino would be playing Lady Loki and that appears to be the direction the show is taking. However, many believe she is actually Enchantress due to the fact that her name is Sylvie. During a recent interview with ET Online, Loki director Kate Herron was asked if Sylvie is a hybrid of Lady Loki and Enchantress from the comics.

"I would say there's more to be delved into. One thing I would say is, like, she's different to the comics. Like, she's a unique character, but obviously, there's things that have been pulled from. I think for her character, she's on the run and she's called Sylvie and she's dyed her hair. The blonde that we associate with Sylvie is played in that sense, but it makes sense for her character within our story. But I would say deeper than that, yeah, there's more to be revealed about her character to comes," Herron explained.

"The main thing I would say is: Lady Loki in the comics is a very different character to our character, obviously," she added. "I love that character and I think she's got a very different journey. But our Sylvie is a female Loki, in that sense -- because in episode 1 and 2, they know it's a Loki they're tracking -- but I think that's part of the discussion. It's almost like Loki -- as in Tom Loki -- he's like, 'Wait, how much of my life have you got? Who are you?' And I think that's the real question is, who is she? So, we will discuss that as the show goes on. Why does she not like being called Loki? What's her past? Where did she come from?"

In another recent interview with Variety, Di Martino confirmed she's not playing the same Lady Loki from the comics nor is she trying to copy Tom Hiddleston's Loki performance.

"I looked at his performance, but I try not to be shaped by it too much. Sylvie has had a very different backstory to Loki. She's a different person, and that was really important to us right from the beginning," Di Martino explained. "When [director] Kate [Herron] pitched me the idea when I finally got the job, and she was able to tell me a bit more about it, it was very clear that Sylvia was Sylvie. And she's not Lady Loki from the comics. I mean, the show is inspired by the comics, but this is a brand new backstory in a brand new story. And so I wanted to make her my own."

"You will see, at times throughout the series, that Tom and I do very similar things, like our physicality is similar or when we choreographed fight scenes, we'll mirror each other," she added. "And that's all purposely done. And then the rest of it I've kind of just made up as I go along."

The first three episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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