Loki: Who Are The New Loki Variants? Explained

Loki Spoilers Follow!!! In Marvel's Loki episode 4 we get the series' first end credits scene - [...]

Loki Spoilers Follow!!! In Marvel's Loki episode 4 we get the series' first end credits scene - and a much-needed one, at that. That's because Loki episode 4 ended with the shocking twist that Tom Hiddleston's Loki was deleted from the Sacred Timeline by the Time Variance Authority, seemingly killing him for good. Thing is, a good Loki never really dies, and an end credits scene finds Hiddleston's Loki waking up in what is definitely not the afterlife. Even more confusing is when Loki is greeted with even more variants of himself - some pretty wild (and iconic) variants, indeed.

So who are these new Loki variants we meet in Loki's end credits scene? Let us explain:

Loki End Post Credits Scene Kid Classic Loki Richard E Grant
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Classic / King Loki

The Loki in the silly-looking costume with the horns is "Classic Loki," an ode to Loki's classic costume from his earliest days in Marvel Comics. This version of Loki is played by actor Richard E. Grant (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), whose casting in Loki has been a big mystery - up until now. It's Classic Loki who drops the ominous warning to Loki about surviving this strange new realm - and his older age raises many questions. There's already speculation that parts of the "King Loki" story from the comics could be included with Grant's character.

Kid Loki

The young version of Loki is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of "Kid Loki" (played by Jack Veal) who has a storied history in the comics. Loki was reincarnated as a younger version of himself, and one who at times was free to operate without the burden of memories and/or powers of his former self. Kid Loki fought alongside the Young Avengers for a time, but his nature as a trickster and villain was constantly at odds with the team. Still, for Marvel fans who have been keeping track, Kid Loki is yet another piece of the Young Avengers roster that Marvel Studios seems to be building up in every Phase 4 project.

"Boastful Loki"

The black gentleman with the very large Thor-style hammer is listed in the credits as "Boastful Loki". He's played by actor Deobia Oparei (Game of Thrones) and like every other Marvel fan, we have so many questions! As far as we know, Boastful Loki isn't an established character from the Marvel Comics canon.

Alligator Loki

Things are just getting weird with this one. Again: the small alligator in Loki headdress that Kid Loki is holding is not a Marvel Comics character we know of. But it is a definite sign that Loki episode 5 is going to get real weird - just as Tom Hiddleston promised.

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