Loki Reveals Richard E. Grant’s Mystery Character

It took two full episodes of Loki for the series to reveal the identity of Sophia Di Martino, one [...]

It took two full episodes of Loki for the series to reveal the identity of Sophia Di Martino, one of its main cast members. All eyes then turned to the last announced member of the cast that hadn't been seen on the show: Richard E. Grant. In "The Nexus Event," the fourth episode of Loki, the acclaimed actor finally made his debut on the popular Marvel series, and the identity of his character is sure to surprise a lot of fans.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Loki! Continue reading at your own risk...

Very late in the new episode, Loki is seemingly killed by Renslayer when she prunes him from the timeline. He disappears into nothing and it's a very devastating moment. However, after the initial credits, Loki returns to the screen.

Loki wakes up in a very different world, one in which the crumbled remnants of New York City are scattered around a desolate landscape. When he starts thinking he's in Hel, he's met with four more Loki Variants, all staring down at him, offering him a chance at escape. This is where we get our first look at Richard E. Grant's character, who is indeed a Loki Variant.

Grant is dressed in the original and outdated Loki comic costume, and he's listed in the credits as Classic Loki. There's no telling just yet which timeline or reality he comes from, or what his role will be in all of this, but he is playing a different version of the God of Mischief, likely with a lot of ties to the original comics takes on the character.

There is also the popular Kid Loki character, played by Jack Veal. Deobia Oparei is also in the scene as Boastful Loki, wielding a hammer that may or may not be an alternate version of Mjolnir. Veal's Kid Loki character is holding an horn-wearing alligator, which suggests the animal is also a Loki.

There could be limitless versions of Loki out there, so what we're seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, seeing these Lokis on-screen at least answers the questions behind Grant's mysterious character.

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