'Luke Cage' Star Mike Colter Predicted James Gunn's Reinstatement on 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3'

Earlier this month, fans were both surprised and thrilled at the news that Guardians of the Galaxy [...]

Earlier this month, fans were both surprised and thrilled at the news that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn had been rehired by Disney. Gunn had been fired last year after decade-old inappropriate tweets were brought to light and while fans still held out hope for his reinstatement, they had already begun looking forward to his work on DC's upcoming The Suicide Squad. A return to Disney just wasn't something most thought was possible. Most, but not all -- especially not Luke Cage star Mike Colter.

Last summer, Colter tweeted his support for Gunn with a message on the social media platform that made it clear that he felt like Disney would bring him back -- while also professing his status as a fan.

"Hey James," Colter wrote at the time. "I feel like in time they will reinstate you. Fingers crossed. I don't feel like every past comment from years ago should be grounds for dismissal. Everyone is on notice now. You deserve a fresh start and a clean slate. And i bias bc you make great films."

Now, a few months shy of a year later, it turns out that Colter's feeling was correct. Gunn is back at Disney and it's something that may always have been meant to be. In The Hollywood Reporter's initial report about Gunn's reinstatement, it was noted that Marvel Studios never seriously pursued any other director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Instead, the report suggested that a deal was being worked out behind the scenes and in secret to bring Gunn back. Deadline's breakdown of the situation was a bit different, though, noting that Gunn had truly been fired by Disney, but was brought back after Gunn's impassioned apologies.

No matter how exactly it happened, Gunn is back and will be continuing his work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as well as going forward with The Suicide Squad. With Gunn working on both a Marvel and DC movie, DC Films producer Peter Safran thinks Gunn's unique position will help unite Marvel and DC fans, two groups that are often very much on opposite sides when it comes to their preferences.

As for Colter's ability to predict the future, when it comes to Luke Cage his outlook is a little less rosy but still optimistic. After the series was shockingly cancelled by Netflix, Colter was uncertain, but hopeful Luke Cage could return.

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