The X-Men Have Their Own UFO

The 'Dawn of X' relaunch has completely shaken up what people thought they knew about Marvel's [...]

The "Dawn of X" relaunch has completely shaken up what people thought they knew about Marvel's X-Men, while placing the iconic group of characters in some uncharted territory. That bold new form of storytelling has been overwhelmingly apparent in Marauders, a series that follows a group of Krakoa's mutants as they deal with trade issues tied to their new mutant island. The series' most recent issue took things into an even more unexpected - but genuinely cool - direction, with the official introduction of a surprising new vehicle used by the team. Obviously, spoilers for Marauders #10 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue follows the team's pursuit of an enemy Russian freighter, which has reportedly been experimenting with recreating Forge's deadly weapons. The team - Emma Frost, Pyro, Forge, Iceman, and Storm - confront the Russians in a new craft, which is dubbed The Mercury. As one panel clearly shows, The Mercury is some sort of saucer-like spacecraft, which bathes the entire Russians' boat in light.

marauders 10 the mercury ufo 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Pyro later asks Emma about The Mercury being a UFO, and asks how she acquired it. In true Emma Frost fashion, she declares that it's "a tale for another time".

Bishop also asks Emma's brother, Christian, how they ended up getting the ship, and he reiterates that it's a question that only Emma could answer. Later on in the issue, Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos use The Mercury to essentially abduct the entire crew of the Russian freighter, and brainwash them into no longer being intolerant.

marauders 10 the mercury ufo 3
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Yep, that's right. The X-Men have a UFO.

Is this particularly surprising? Not necessarily, especially considering how technologically advanced and weirdly cosmic the X-Men universe has gotten. But that certainly doesn't stop it from being a particularly cool twist -- especially given how long the series appears to have been laying the groundwork for The Mercury's debut.

In Marauders #5, Iceman visited Christian in a circular vehicle in the ocean, which was believed to be some sort of submarine. The vehicle continued to appear in Marauders #7 and #8, culminating in Emma flat-out telling Iceman that The Mercury isn't actually a boat.

The reveal is a pretty epic one, which escalates Marauders' pirate-centric narrative into new heights. With Kate Pryde still (for the time being) out of commission, it also creates some surprising circumstances for her to potentially return to.

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