Marvel's Alien: Sanctuary Sends Xenomorphs to Paradise

Marvel's Alien series continues its new Alien story in Alien #8. Following up on Marvel's Alien [...]

Marvel's Alien series continues its new Alien story in Alien #8. Following up on Marvel's Alien debut, Alien: Bloodlines, writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Salvador Larroca dive into Alien: Sanctuary. Kicking off in Alien #7, Alien: Sanctuary occurs on a recently terraformed colony that looks like paradise. When a mysterious ship crashes into it, hell is unleashed. can reveal the cover to Alien #8, the second installment of the new arc, by Marc Aspinall. There are also two variant covers, one from RB Silva and another by Ivan Shavrin. Take a look at all three of the new covers below.

"I can't thank the fans enough for all the support they've shown Marvel's Alien," Johnson says in a statement provided to "Sales have consistently outperformed expectations, the whole team is super grateful, and we'll keep working as hard as we can to give you the best, most true-to-the-franchise stories we know how. I'm the biggest Alien fan alive, and getting to create within this universe is a dream-come-true I'll never take for granted.

(Photo: Marc Aspinall, Marvel Comics)

"For the first arc of the Marvel era, Alien: Bloodlines, we tried to give fans a story they'd find familiar but from a new perspective: the story of former marine and Weyland-Yutani company man Gabriel Cruz, with a horrific legacy and a desperate need to reclaim the family he threw away. In the second arc, Alien: Sanctuary, we're flipping the script a bit, giving fans something they've never seen before. Readers will meet Jane Callan, a leader of a persecuted, old-world religion called the Spinners. Jane suffers from a degenerative disease, and is spending the final months of her increasingly difficult life on an offworld terraforming operation. Once the operation is complete, the colony will officially be Spinner territory, a sanctuary for Jane and her faith... until a spacecraft crash-lands in their little paradise with a mysterious, deadly cargo. Now, as Jane's body continues to betray her, she has to protect her flock from her worst nightmare: the perfect organism, a merciless survivor that kills its prey from the inside."

Alien: Sanctuary begins in Alien #7, on sale on September 22nd. Alien #8 goes on sale in October.

(Photo: R.B. Silva, Marvel Comics)
(Photo: Ivan Shavrin, Marvel Comics)
  • ALIEN #8
  • Cover by MARC ASPINALL
  • Variant Cover by R.B. SILVA
  • Variant Cover by IVAN SHAVRIN
  • • The xenomorphs overtake the settlement.
  • • A last stand is made.
  • • A terrible truth is learned.