Marvel Announces Ghost Rider Joining Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s official: Ghost Rider has joined the cast of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Gabriel Luna will [...]


It's official: Ghost Rider has joined the cast of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Gabriel Luna will star as the hell-bound hero, Robbie Reyes. The studio's television division just announced the breaking news during one of their much-anticipated San Diego Comic Con panels.

While rumors have been swirling over Ghost Rider's potential appearance, fans are buzzing over the lit news now that the hero's presence has been confirmed. However, fans should not be expecting to see Ghost Rider's more famous incarnations like Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch. Instead, Agents of SHIELD will be using Robbie Reyes.

Created by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, Reyes debuted in the 2014 Marvel Now! All-New Ghost Rider series. The Mexican-American teen was gifted the power of Hellfire after he was tragically gunned down during a street race where he was attempting to win money to move him and his younger, disabled brother out of their seedy neighborhood. However, Reyes was revived by a spirited named Eli who revived Reyes (complete with hellish powers!) in exchange for the teen's help in avenging Eli's death.

News broke that Agents of SHIELD was likely casting for the hero when a casting call was seen looking for 'two Latino brothers' with one being confined to a wheelchair and the other who is 'always the most dangerous person in the room.' With Reyes' powers, he's definitely fits the latter description.

As Agents of SHIELD promises to carry a darker tone in its upcoming fourth season, bringing Reyes' version of Ghost Rider will bring new drama and grit to the series following its drawn-out Inhumans debacle. Not to mention, by having Reyes join in as the show's Ghost Rider, it frees Marvel up to pursue a Blaze- or Ketch-focused Ghost Rider series on Netflix should they choose.