Marvel Cancels Guardians of the Galaxy

What was once one of Marvel's highest-rated ongoing series is no more. As of this past Wednesday, Guardians of the Galaxy has been cancelled by the House of Ideas. With the last issue of the publisher's The Last Annihilation even slowing down to its final moments, lettering on the last page declared the end of the run reading, "The End! Thanks for everything - and see you at Gosnell's!" Gosnell's, of course, being the bar the space-faring characters frequented throughout the run.

Lists for the cosmic book have been missing from Marvel's October, November, and December solicitations, leading some to believe the title was in for a reset or brief hiatus — and a hiatus shall be had. Marvel has yet to officially announce what's next for the book, but considering the title is one of Marvel Studios' largest franchises, it's all but a matter of time before the publishing side of things launches another title.

The cosmic title ended up lasting 18 issues and ended up introducing some unique members to the team, including Dr. Doom ad the Super Skrull. Writing by Al Ewing and Juann Frigeri, many of this book's plot points could also potentially carry over to Ewing's SWORD storyline ongoing in Marvel's X-Line.

"GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, both the book and the team, are going to be stepping up a gear in 2021, with villains the team have never faced, guest stars you never thought you'd see, and a new teammate you can't even begin to believe - all coming together for a crisis that'll shake every planet in the Marvel universe down to the bedrock... maybe even a backwater planet like Earth," Ewing said in a press release announcing the new teams in January.

Next month, the group of heroes get a starring role in their own AAA-level video game and before too long, principal photography will kick off on James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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