Marvel's Elsa Bloodstone Almost Starred in an ABC TV Series

The landscape of Marvel Television has evolved quite a lot in the past year, with a pivot (mostly) [...]

The landscape of Marvel Television has evolved quite a lot in the past year, with a pivot (mostly) away from Hulu and ABC, and more towards original series for Disney+. Prior to those changes, ABC had hinted that they were in "active talks" to develop a new female-fronted Marvel TV series, which would be centered around a "mostly" brand new character. The project never officially came to fruition, but we now know who would've been its titular character. According to a new report from MCU Cosmic, Elsa Bloodstone was set to star in the potential series.

The granddaughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa has been a fan-favorite fixture of Marvel comics since her debut in 2001. Elsa is a young woman who hunts monsters for a living, both on her own and as part of several teams in the Marvel universe, including Nextwave, Midnight Sons, and Fearless Defenders. The character has also factored into multiple video games published by Marvel.

Rumors had been swirling over the past year that Elsa was a character Marvel wanted to use in some capacity, with many unsure if it meant a role in Hulu's "Adventure Into Fear" slate of horror-based shows, which is essentially defunct outside of the upcoming Helstorm. Some have also speculated that Elsa could be a supporting character in previously-confirmed MCU projects like Moon Knight or Blade. But it seems like the speculation was due to ABC's previous plans for her.

At this point, it's unclear what the onscreen future holds for Elsa Bloodstone, especially now that Marvel Television has officially been absorbed into Marvel Studios. But given how beloved the character is - and how close we could've gotten to seeing her in live-action - it will be interesting to see what Elsa's debut ultimately looks like.

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